First Blog

Just signed up my first real blog!

great.. now what?

I guess the first thing to do is fire of a couple of links:

My Flickr Photos
My Myspace profile
My own website –

Oh and a picture of me:


I’m not going to go back and do my history, i’ll just carry on as normal..

Lauren is coming to stay for the weekend tomorrow and i have to tidy and buy things, i cant wait. She lives in bath and i haven’t seen her for 2 weeks, we speak on the phone every day though, i find talking to her so easy, words just flow out of me, i dont need to think of things to say, i love talking to people like that.


I just handed in one of the worst pieces of coursework i have ever done, spent yesterday evening and since 8:00am this morning blagging a lab report for a 3 part lab that i only really attended the first part of, which made it very hard to write up, and its for my worst module too.

But my project is going good, basically I’m designing and coding a simplified Assembly compiler to help people learn how to program microprocessors, i’m doing it in Visual C# Express which makes the GUI build so easy, im currently adding functionality behind the buttons in an OOP style, or at least what i gather OOP is, for my progress demo next week which counts for 20% of the total project grade. I’ve also got a little webpage going explaining more about it, i’ll add more to it after my project demo when i have a little time to relax. Screenshot:
Visual Assembly

Now i think i better get on with something productive, i’m going to the Quay club so i’ll prolly end up sleeping late and rushing in the morning to get ready for when Laurens train arrives, oh and fingers crossed i’ll get £100 from Jenny if she doesnt let me down again.


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