I saw a couple of things today whilst i was trying to avoid my looming coursework deadline. The first is definatly going on the xmas list:
Logitech G15 gaming keyboard:

It has glowing blue keys, extra programmable keys using macros and a fold out LCD screen with is completely programmable, i will definatly be programming new things to display on the screen if i get one, i had a look around and only found about 5 real programs by other people, i think it would definatly look good on my CV to be able to say i’ve made a popular program like that. and its huge too like an extra half a foot wider than a normal keyboard… I’m such a geek!

My other discovery is the IBM X41 Tablet Ultraportable Laptop:

That and the non tablet verisons X40 and X41 look oh so tempting, ultra portable so they are only 12ins screens and weight jsut 1.2kgs, tiny little things! I have been wanting to get a 12ins laptop for a year and a half on and off, but never really had the money being a student and a half, but with the prospect of a realy job next year its becoming more of a reality and damn they look good, but i’ll have to control my urges for a little longer though.

Link of the day:
I’d also like to share useful links and pages i found around the interweb, dont want to blow my load, so here’s one good one i found just the other day:
File Hippo
has loads of free software and says the newest releases right at the top, within the past week i’ve found maybe 3 new pieces of useful software i didnt know about and just as many updates or betas for programs i regularly use.


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