Project Milestone

Today i reached a very important point in my programming project Visual Assembly.

It can now ADD and SUBTRACT two numbers!!!

Visual Assembly build 3c

Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it most certainly is…

You can create a flowchart (be it of only 3 blocks at the moment) which simulates the ADD or SUBB of the 8051 microcontroller, this means that i have in plave the foundations for the whole process of putting in different function blocks and then single stepping through the program, adding more functions should be pretty easy (i started with only ADD and introduced SUBB in about 10 mins) and allowing the use of more function blocks will be just a case of copy-and-paste.

I have reached the point i wished to be at for my progress demo with 2 days to spare, and having finished my other pieces of coursework for the year means i can add even more content and features to Visual Assembly before thursday.

Then after xmas i will begin tweaking and refining the program, increasing performance, adding special features and drawing custom icons and blocks for the GUI as well as creating an installer package, update process and proper advertising website for the “product”.

Expect more and more updates as i add features and improve the program, although the GUI is unlikely to change until next year when i design all of the different shape masks for the function blocks in the workspace.


2 thoughts on “Project Milestone”

  1. Wow thats quite impressive, and certainly a lot more advanced than we are doing in our course at the moment (BSc Computing Networks). We did dabble in Assembly on an 8086 simulator in the first year though, had to reverse engineer some code the tutor had written which encrypted an eight letter word using your student ID – very clever as that stopped people from colluding, as each encryption algorithm was different slightly!

    Was a very enjoyable project anyway… :P

    I really feel ‘out of the loop’ with programming at the moment, I seem to be really behind the times :S

    Anyway good luck with yours, I’m stuck doing my dissertation right now, so I can understand how busy you must be!

  2. too right, i’m very busy at the moment, i have 2 more pieces of coursework, 2 lab reports and my final year project, all to do within 4 weeks.

    I’m programming pretty much constantly while i’m at home.

    Just got the printing working, next i need to set up some regions so you can right click each flowchart block and add the loops for the decision type. Then start putting in the assembly functions.

    I’ve also got a couple problems too, with redrawing the images and being able to drag blocks with the mouse.

    Seeing my tutor this week, hopefully he will help me out, although he know no C#!!

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