Visual Assembly Progress

Finally finished my control report with chris, handing that in later today, but i found out that i have another piece of coursework due in for the last day of term, bit of a pain, but its not to bad as its matlab programming, which i enjoy.

I’ve been working on Visual Studio 0.4, i currently have the jump function working correctly as well as add and subtract, which helped me test and improve the single step method, but it also made me realise i need something a little more dynamic then the method i’m currently using for naming function blocks and their variables.

There is a limit of 3 function blocks and the start and end blocks at the moment, i can easily add more blocks by copying and pasteing a few different sections of code over and over and creating copies of the block variables for each new block, each with just the variable names changed from block1something ==> block2something, block3something, blocknsomething etc.

…but this is not only error prone as i found (when adding 2 blocks today i made at least 5 mistakes, mainly because i didnt change the numbers correctly) but it will require more and more memory as the list of included functions increases and the program will slow down more and more, and there will always be a limit to the number of function blocks that can be used in creating a program.

I know how i want to do it, but i’m currently unaware how or if it is possible in c# to create and define variables after compiling it, and if it is also possible to use the name of a variable in.. quite hard to explain, but like say you have a variable int block1, to be able to use the name in a for loop:

for (block1, block1++, !end)

kind of thing, acutally counting through the names and then incrementing the name to block2 then block3, this is what i am doing when i copy and paste a set of instructions, just changing the names of certain variables from say block2int1 => block3int1, and block2functype => block3functype.

But i dont want to get started on this until i have done my progress demo and hopefully got a good grade, if the above is too complex then it is not a great loss to leave it as it is, but it will need to be check extremely throughly after every function is added, and the plugin system will be more of a mess, if i get time to implement it.

The next thing im going to do is get the run part working, so that the flow chart program can be run as it would in run mode on the 8051 TAD Board, this is not hard as i found out how to do it by accident today with an error in the single step mode, but i need to learn about the timer class so i can put a delay in the run function, firstly to slow it down to the speed of the 8051 (running the programs at 3.2Ghz makes them almost instant!) and then again so that it can be slowed to about 500ms between each step so you can see what is going on inside the program without having to click the single step button constantly.

Hopefully i will get that finished tomorrow and i will prepare for the progress demo.

My ipod nano crashed again today, it always happens when it goes into hybernate mode and then i plug it into the pc via usb without waking it up first, i found how to reset it, by swtiching the hold switch a couple times, then holding menu and the middle button for about 10 seconds, still i hope apple fix it soon.

Link of the day
Today is going to have to be Flickr.
Its a photo hosting site, and one of the best i have come across, does everything i have ever asked of it and then some, in free mode you can upload 20mb of pictures a month, with unlimited space and hotlinking it makes it perfect for blogs and myspace picture hosting, im considering upgrading to pro for about £12 as u can upload 2gb a month, again with unlimited space.


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