Goldeneye Source

Yesterday the Alpha Release of Goldeneye: Source was released, i only found out about it today and downloaded it straight away.

Goldeneye on the N64 has been my all time favourite game for as long as i can remember, the 4-way multiplayer especially, and now its being made as a mod for the Halflife 2 Source Engine.

I played the alpha for about an hour today, and really enjoyed it, its much more arcadey than day of defeat of counterstrike, but that comes from the makers trying to copy the N64 verison and it works great, its still pretty buggy and there are only a few levels and weapons but i think it will be a big hit, the music is perfectly recreated and the game play is frantic, although i think 14 players on some of the maps makes it a bit to hectic at times, and getting used to playing without a crosshair again is strange and different to every other First person game out there.

I’m going to keep my eye on this one, the beta is sceduled for september, but i’m sure there will be updates before then.


cradle level pp7


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