Merry Boxing Day

Happy xmas to everyone :D

Kinda forgot about my blog with all the craziness of xmas, but its all over now and i’m starting my new years resolution early. I’m going to try and blog something everyday, unless i really have nothing to say!

I really havnt felt in the xmas mood at all this year, even yesterday with all the present opening, i still didnt feel that same excitement that i used to, and then mum said “Your growing up, christmas isnt as exciting anymore, get used to it”, kinda made me think that i prolly wouldnt celebrate it at all if it wasnt for my family, but i’d still want to get everyone presents.

The TV was rubbish again, hardly watched anything apart from a bit of simpsons.

Present wise i got a hammock and sweets from dad, slippers and pants from mum and money from everyone!!
(pictures coming v.soon)

Kinda forgotten about my project for a couple weeks as well, prolly wont get started on it again until the new year.

And… Laurens coming to see me in 3 days!! Shes staying for new years eve and going back afterwards, ionly saw her on friday but i miss her incredibly.


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