Toca Race Driver 3

Another Demo i downloaded the other day was Toca Race Driver 3.

Toca Race Driver 2 is one of the few games i have acutally bought for the pc, along with Colin McRae 2005 and Halflife 2, and i absoultely love it, when i heard there would be a 3rd i was very excited.

I’ve been watching this one for a while, and the demo is excellent. The damage is amazing and the gameplay is superb, although i have onyl been playing it with a keyboard, once i get back to plymouth in the new year, i’ll try it out with my modded xbox pad. I did find that the normal difficulty was very easy tho, setting it to about 80% provided a do-able challenge, and hard was to hard with a keyboard.

The graphics have been improved a lot from the last one with a lot more detail and effects, but suprisingly my “old” 9800 pro didnt have a problem with it, i could run it at almost top settings at 1600×1200.

I’m definatly going to buy this one when it comes out.


Demo (555mb)


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