Boring day and songbird

I did hardly anything today, last night i played about with thunderbird for checking emails, and tried using rss feeds, but its still very weird and i’m not sure if i’ll get used to it.

Went to dads and watched tv, ate even more left over xmas food than yesterday, and played “buzz” the music quiz on ps2 and won both times :)

The next piece of software i’m looking forward to is Songbird, its a music player built on the firefox technology and looks to be like an open source iTunes, iTunes being my music player of choice, but if songbird can work with ipods then i’ll definatly use it.

And thats about all i’ve done, still waiting on the IBM thinkpad and all my self bought presents to be delievered, hopefully something will turn up tomorrow so i have something to do, otherwise i can see me re-installing windows again, possibly with 2000, jsut to see how well it performs.


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