Useful Software List

Web Browser: Firefox 1.5
The perfect free Open source Web-browser

Mulit-Client Messenger: Gaim
The best MultiClient Messenger I’ve found. MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc in a tabbed window

Programming IDE: Visual C# 2005 Express Edition

Burning Software: Nero 6
Great for burning pretty much everything to CD or DVD

Web Editor: Dreamweaver 8
Very good Editor for any type of website/webfile, with a ftp client built-in.

Disc Copying: Alcohol 120%
Copies and emulates Pretty much any disc, and has a Virtual drive for images.

Music Player: iTunes 6
I use Itunes because it likes my ipod nano and apart from being a bit of a bloater, works pretty well.

Video Palyer: Media player Classic + Klite Codec Pack
This package along with Media player classic plays pretty much any video you can throw at it.

Cleanup and Repair: TuneUp Utilities 2006

Image Editing: Paint.NET
Not overcomplex, but does most image things i need and its free too.

File Compression: WinRAR 3.5
Winrar is a must have for anyone using the internet for uncompressing everytype of archive.

Email: Thunderbird 1.5
Firefox companion for email, and RSS too.

Bitorrent: uTorrent 1.3
Without a doubt the best bittorrent program around. Tiny, fast and full of great features.

Image Organisation: Picasa 2
Keeps track of all your pictures and does some simple editing too, a must for flickr addicts.

Flock – A great browser but not quite ready for the mainstream
7zip – Best compression around but not polished enough for every day use yet.


4 thoughts on “Useful Software List”

  1. Hi, I’m french (sorry for the mistakes) !
    For Bitorrent, I prefer BitLord ( !
    It’s faster and easier than other bitorrent client I have tested. For example, when I’m starting a download with it, after few seconds, it use completely my bandwith (if it’s a torrent with a lot of sources). I have tested uTorrent and after few minutes, it download only at 15 KB/s (246KB/s with BitLord).
    I have a 2 Mbps connexion with a 128 Kpbs to upload (so 256 KB/s and 16 KB/s when I fully use my bandwith) – My upload rate with BitLord is : 5 KB/s (I have tested uTorrent with the same).

    If you can, test it, and reply me in your blog comments’ or by Mail. Thanks

  2. I had a go with Bitlord today, But i didnt have as good an experience as you, it had about the same download rate as utorrent, its kinda hard to test bittorrent clients against each other in the downloading speeds, due to the random nature of the bittorrent protocol.

    I like utorrent because its so small, updated very very often and has such a small footprint. I switched from azuerus, which was a huge bloasted java thing, it worked ok, but i couldnt do much else whilst it was running, with utorrent it has such a small effect on the computer, you dont eevn notice it.

    I’ll have another test of bitlord later today, see if its better on any other torrents, if i get a speed incase like you do then i’ll use it but at the moment its not really benifical

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