Xmas came in the mail yesterday

I got all the things i bought of pixmania yesterday morning, it felt like chritmas:

Logitech G5 mouse, this is without a doubt the single greatest mouse i have ever used, it so slick and smooth, and resoponsive, im still getting used to the changing the sensitivity, the feature works so well in windows and games, but the extra buttons can get confusing in the heat of the moment. The weights cartridge works well too, im still trying out different amounts of weights, slightly on the heavy side is working well for me. Only issue i have with it is that the back button has stopped working in firefox, but im sure that can be sorted out easily. If u want to improve ur score in first person games this is a must.


The Canon MP500, its a beast of a printer, pretty huge and heavey, but looks so sweet, you get so much for what you pay, its scanner, stand-alone copier and printer. It also has a built in card reader and colour LCD screen. I havent used it much yet, but the 3 prints i have done from it look great and were easily fast enough once it finished booting up. The scanner is years ahead of the last one i used and the software works great too, i can see me keeping this printer for a good few years.


I also got a logitech webcam, only a cheap one as i wont be using it loads and its only over a 1mb connection so the quality doesnt matter too much, i was impressed with it tho. Simple install, nice stand and good enough picture for what i need, unless u are doing web conferenceing or more fancy things over specialist programs, most people wouldnt need more than this, logitech is in my good books at the mo, with webcma, keyboard and 3 mice all working great.


This little cube is a bluetooth dongle, very cheap at only £10, but works well, i tired it out with my brothers phone and it did the usual stuff as well as bluetooth can i guess. Will come in useful for my next phone. I might hide it inside the pc on the back of my 6 port usb card to keep it out of the way. Only problem i had with it was that the cd and instructions were in french, i managed to install it in english but its jsut a bit annoying.


I had a 60gb laptop harddrive left over from a spare laptop with had a borken mother board, so i boguht a case with a usb converter, and this one works a treat, it can get all its power from 1 usb port and transfers very quickly. Fits nicely in your pocket too. I’ll make good use of that when i get back to plymouth.


I boguht these headphones my old maplins specials were hurting my ears, these are very high quality for the price and come with a boom mic, for teamspeak to mike once he gets DOD in the new year.


All in all a great haul, now im skint until my loan gets in at the start of jan, then i’l lthink about a new hdd for my tower and maybe a cheapo laptop like my brothers. and one more pic of my new lovely G5 and G15 to finish.


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