Performancing for Firefox

This is a quick blog done in my new firefox extension: Performancing
Its an extension which allows you to blog in the bottom half of your window whilst having normal firefox tabs in the top half, im testing it out with is blog, and so far everything is going great, i love the editor on wordpress and so it has to be at least as good as, and so far its better.

Garys website; has gone thru and is now up and running, although he has nothing on it yet, and we have taken up a bet to help us go to lectures, who ever misses the first lecture buys the other 5 pints!! I’m not going to lose this one.

I still havent found any proper food in the house yet, so i’ve been eating mince pies left over from Xmas!
And I played a good few hours of day of defeat earlier, im defenatly improving, in the top10 on my usual server. Cant wait until mike starts playing.

Righty then now to post it and see if it works.

Edit: using performancing for editing as well… seems to be working just fine, a very nice extension, making firefox more and more like Flock.. now ifi can find a button that makes pages favs automatically…


2 thoughts on “Performancing for Firefox”

  1. oh, nuther thing you might be intersted in is “Content Holder”, If you are using “All in One Sidebar” you’ll have to update that to newest version before using content holder.

    The content holder is something like the performancing extension but it’s more generic. I have mine set to just have gmail account always in it.

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