So this is 2006

Doesnt seem much different to me..

Yesterday lauren went home after 6 wonderful days, shes so wonderful, if only she could be with me all the time. I didnt neglete my computer as much as i thought i would, but there is not anything else to do in chard except walk to tescos!

I tried out a demo of “Need for Speed: Most wanted”, and i was very impressed, i loved the first “underground” but the second was another EA sellout which put me off the series, i didnt take any notice of “Most Wanted” but its acutally really fun to play.

The car control is still a little weird, no where near as good as Toca 3, but racing from the cops, smashing up things to slow them down and trying to see how fast u can go thru speed cameras makes it really exilerating. Very nice list of cars too, inc vipers, Ford GTs and of course Evos. I wont buy it, but it might find its way onto my pc via a friend ;)

Yesterday after Lauren left, i tried to build my own extension for firefox, starting with a “hello world” that everyone is sposed to do! Firstly i used Mozillas guide, and when i had finished it, installed it and restart firefox it wiped out all of my extenions, removing them from my PC. So i spent the next hour finding and downloading them all. Grrrr

I then found this website: and modified his simple hello world extension to create my own, which displayed hello world ina statsbar panel at the bottom of firefox. My plan then was to change the “hello world bit to the date and time, but this proved much for difficult as i no absolutly no javascript at all, and it doesnt seem quite so similar to C++ as i hoped it would be… and as i only have 11 weeks left to finish my project i decided against learning it. I’ll save that for another day, along with CSS which im very intruiged about at the moment.

Last night i also started using the mic on the new headphones i got to talk to Lauren over msn, it wasnt exactly VoIP as she didnt have a mic but i found it much easier and more personal that typing messages, gunna do it a lot more often to friends and family. Kinda related, i pulled of the sides of my stcker yesterday in an effort to hook up the front panel audio so that i dont have to reach behind the pc everytime i want to switch between headphones and speakers, unfortunately my Audigy 2 has smaller connectors than the supplied cable so i’m going to have to do some bodging to get the mic to work, the headphones worked just fine.

Heres the Link: Augidy 2 Pinout

So today i think i will have a bit of a tidy up, my room looks like a mechanica spiders nest (wires and bits of computer everywhere), attempt to find some food, heat up my cup of tea for the 4th time and play day of defeat.


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