Home on the range

Im now back in plymouth, kind of ready for my last 11 weeks of uni, Got my computer set up and the heating working in my house, which is lovely, and im feelnig suprisingly motivated.
Andrew is back as well but not mike, he should be here tomorrow.

Nothing seems to have changed here really, im trying to tidy up a bit at the moment, then sort out my computer before monday.

Yesterday I found loads of interesting links and websites…


This site is like an online verison of Gaim, it works completely within window and you can log into AIM, MSN, Yahoo or Jabber, perfect for when you are not on your own computer.

Digg is a web 2.0 style of Tech News site, all the stories are uploaded by the people reading digg and the most popular ones are put to the front, I’ve found loads of great links and news, some of which im blogging below.

I got myself a Del.icio.us account yesterday and uploaded some bookmarks, although i havent put any kind of effort into it yet, just kind of storing my most used ones at the moment, if i get bored then maybe i’ll put tag it up, but all this putting tags on things jsut seems like a lot of effort for nothing at the moment.

Dell 3007WFP

When i first saw this on the inquirer my jaw dropped, i want one of these so so bad.
Its a 30″ TFT monitor, i was planning on getting a 24″ widescreen one from dell when i get the money, but this just looks awsome, its as tall as a normal pc tower!!!
More details here and here.
More Pictures on my Flickr

MS Vista Details
Microsoft has released a nice long flashy features list, and although it may be a rip of of Mac OSX, at least it plays the games i know and love. Just as long as the DRM isnt too much of an issue it will be on one of my computers at least. I’m not paying for it tho!!

Talking of Mac gaming, here’s a funny video in a mac style about how great mac gaming is.

And the best news i found out yesterday, if its true is that Futurama the movie is in production!!! I almost wet myself when i saw this link, thank you digg!!

And my lovely girly lauren is making me miss her so so much by taking absolutly gorgeous pics of herself and sending them to me…


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