Back at uni

I started back at uni this week, and so far i have been to every lecture, a new record!!
I’m finding it pretty good, not to hard yet, learnt a bit about fuzzy logic, although it doesnt really seem that hard.

I only found out yesterday that i have a piece of coursework in for monday, its only a page long and is pretty blag able, but its jsut an annoying and pointless thing.

Getting started on my project again tonight, but im finding it hard to get motivated to do it, because i know i have the hardest bits ahead of me..

I’ve also got Skype working and have been speaking to lauren, the sound quality is brillant and when im not downloading anything the delay is un-noticable too. Free calls for as long as i want, to anyone else with skype… perfect for talknig to my love.

My new mobile phone, only a cheap nokia 2600 but it works great, very simple but perfect for me, and with the tesco value simcard i get texts to anyone for 5p!

Not much going on in the world of software, i have been trying to put a number of episodes of ER on DVD to send to lauren, but i cant find any decent MPEG encoders that will make each episode small enough to fit a couple on a dvd, they all make them 4gb or dont work at all because some are at different resolutions.

Everythingseems to be getting on my nerves at the moment, my pc has been playing up, especially when it comes to video encoding or playback, and its been crashing when i change from speakers to headphones.. i need to sort out the front audio, but that will take a good few hours and i dont really have the time at the mo.

And Myspace, thats the worst.. not the thing its self, except that its so badly coded and shody, but the amount of spam, not jsut spam from bands which is jsut off putting, if a band sends me a request i will deny them straight away and take offensive to them and have a bad view of them from then onward. But the bulletin board spamming.. People jsut demanding comments over and over again, i deleted 70 people a little while back because of it, and i’m considering doing some more, because it jsut drives me nuts, especially stacey, shes a good friend but she is the worst for whoring herself on it and doesnt care that i get all the spam she sends to everyone. And Chain bulletins, how stupid are you?!!?

Lauren said today (over skype) that she is going to make me a piece of art that i can put on my wall! I cant wait, i asked her for one of her bits and she said she would make me something instead :) shes so wonderful.

Loving Day of defeat again, my Kill ratio is at 2 generally now, which is great, im good with the sniper and assult guns, and mg (although MG is damn easy).

And im about 60% thru Need for speed, its starting to get a little repetative, but the police chases are even more challenging as you get hundreds of them after you and a helicopter and on heat 5 they have corvettes. I will try and finish it jsut to see how the dodgy story pans out.

Apple announced there new Macbook Pro yesterday which has an Intel Dual core CPU, so in theory it can run windows too.. very tempting, but a bit too expensive still.

And thats about all, dont forget to check my flickr for photos of the new dodge challenger, my new phone, the mess that is my desk in plymouth and some Printed DVDs i did with my printer which im very proud of :D

P.S. I love you Lauren


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