Firefox RC released

Yep, jsut this afternoon a bugfix release for Firefox 1.5 has been released. As its a RC its unlikely to change much before the final. Just putting it out there for people who like there software upto date and didnt realise this was out.

Download hereList of OS releases here

  • Fixed: 319004 – Overlong page title causes hang on subsequent startups
  • Fixed: 312415 – Selected images (from a selection of the document to print) are black
  • Fixed: 319357 – Crash in browser when attempting to print a text selection
  • Fixed: 296907 – fill/stroke shouldn’t destroy path
  • Fixed: 299343 – Can’t copy and paste into the beginning of a line (Midas/designMode)
  • Fixed: 301678 – XML object parsed from string from flash throws permission denied error when accessed
  • Fixed: 309044 – Flashplayer 8 “Bad NPObject as private data!”
  • Fixed: 312550 – Incorrect wrapping in RTL textarea with horizontal scrollbar
  • Fixed: 316821 – Crash with moz-border-radius and small font-size
  • Fixed: 318489 – Unable to create new XMLHttpRequests and DOMParsers from an XPCNativeWrapped window (e.g. in a Greasemonkey script)
  • Fixed: 315434 – Security error with remote : can’t switch tabs if chrome has focus
  • Fixed: 105894 – Clicking a partially off-screen link shouldn’t scroll the page
  • Fixed: 314222 – If link target URL has non-ASCII char that is not encoded by UTF-8, the default file name is always escaped at “Save Link As…”
  • Fixed: 315509 – Crash: array_unshift doesn’t handle holes properly [@ js_DeleteProperty – array_unshift]
  • Fixed: 306067 – Crash involving autocomplete
  • Fixed: 320488 – Crash [@ nsSHistory::EvictWindowContentViewer]
  • Fixed: 313988 – [Mac 10.3] Positioned select drop-down doesn’t work
  • Fixed: 298502 – [Mac 10.2] Empty pulldown menu and Firefox hangs
  • Fixed: 312154 – [Solaris] Start script does not take care of running instance

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