Today i found a new extension for firefox…


It works just like Expose in Mac OSX, when you press a shortcut key (F8 by default) it opens a new tab with all you tabs as thumbnails within it so you can visually choose which tab you want, you can also close tabs as well.

Really well done, there are quite a few options too, although i havent tried them out.
(This is one of the first firefox Extenions that i have used which had got their defaults right, usually the extensions need tweaking to get them working as i want, but foxpose worked straight away jsut as i wanted)

Heres a screenshot from my pc:

Very nice, IE7 is going to have a feature like this, which i was intruiged about, but firefox has it now, so i wont be giving IE a look-in.


4 thoughts on “foXpose”

  1. Great! You’re a legend for finding this by the way. As soon as I saw a very similar thing being demo’d for IE 7 in Vista I knew someone would already have done one for FFox, I just couldn’t come up with an accurate enough google term to find it – and here it is. Digg++

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