Day of Defeat: Source

I have been playing Day of Defeat: Source since it was released on steam, and its become pretty much my favourite game, challenging even the wonderous GoldenEye on the N64 for my best game of all time, so after a suggestion from a friend on flickr, i took some screenshots and heres a bit of a picture blog about it.

I tend to play for a couple hours a day, generally using Sniper or Assualt. I’m not too bad with the Riflemen on either side, i do like the german one as it is so powerful it usually kills in 1 shot. I went thru a phase of being MG a lot, the kills are so easy, but it can be a bit boring and ur often not helping your team that much. I dont get on well with either of the Heavey support guns, way too much recoil, or the rocket launcher, although the german rocket side-arm is quite amazing, but has too little ammo to do anything with.

When i bought Halflife 2, the graphics amazed me, and DoD is even better, the detail level has been increased slightly and the inclusion of HDR is outstanding, it makes the game look so lush and realistic, although to keep a playable framerate, which is important for an online shooter i turn it off usually (it is turned off in all the pictures here). The blood and smoke and dust effects look spectaular and can be put to good use in the game too, hiding from snipers and mgs in smoke and looking for blood stained walls to inicate camping enemies. On thing at does annoy me when sniping is that if a grenade goes off near by then the screen shakes uncontrollably, making it impossible to shoot for a second or 2, although this is realistic, it drives me crazy when i’m trying to snipe someone!

If i wasnt in the middle of such an important and busy part of my degree i’d love to join a Clan and play some team games, i feel i’m pretty good (9/900 on my regular server) and i much prefer playing to win the round than jsut killing, which im sure would be perfect in a clan, using advanced tactics and teamspeak to plan what to do, maybe after uni if i havnt found anything better i’ll have a look for one.

As always there are lots more screenshots on my flickr, I’ll put some HDR ones and some different maps on in the future, and maybe some tweaks and useful scripts as well.

2 thoughts on “Day of Defeat: Source”

  1. i really need help i want to play d.o.d source so bad since it came out. i finally got it but the problem is I DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do i do????? TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME?when i installed it there was a cd key code on the manual but when i installed dod source i never had to put the key in ? did i istall it wrong or even install it at all? I REALLY NEED HELP ,PLEASE I WANT TO PLAY DOD SOURCE SO BAD!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP AND IF YOU DO THANKS ALOT!!!! ANOTHER THING HOW DO I GET TO THAT MENU , THE PICTURE YOU PUT ON HERE WITH THE U>S AND GERMAN SOLDIER AND IT SAYS EXIT<FREINDS SETTINGS<CREATE SERVERCOM THATS IT?????

  2. does dod source require halflife?? yes/no?
    When i try to join a group online on the steam/day of defeat website it wont let me connect and it pops up a pic of d.o.d source and says $9.95 AFTER I INSTALLED IT.Do i need to buy that to or something? I just want to play the game i need help PLEASE REPLY THANKS!!

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