After posting that last blog it would seem that either Performance (the Firefox blogging extension) isnt working properly and messing up my blog, or Something is wrong with the theme im using. It works fine in Firefox, but whne switching to IE, there is a large gap at the top, obviously IE6 being terrible at reading webpages in the way they are sposed to, its not W3C certified at all, and i’m not going to change my page to suit the people who still havn’t changed to firefox yet (tut tut).

So here is a link to Firefox jsut incase you havnt heard of this wonderful browser, just click the picture below:

Edit: Jsut checked in Opera 9, works fine in that, so it is just IE being poor. ^^^ You know what to do!

Edit 2: I resized a few pictures which were wider than the table width, and it sorted out the problem with IE, but firefox does this automatically, so there is no need to do it. Another reason to Make the switch if u haven’t already.


One thought on “Hmmmm”

  1. hi everybody,
    i am on a boarding school and really every thing is blocked here.
    from next week on they are even going to block google and than we can only go to our school site and wikipedia. but anyway why i am here is to tell something about a really good program to get past those stupid acces denied pages.
    it makes your computer run slow but you will be able to access every single site you want.

    if you are interested then here is what you need.
    just look for:
    tor and
    morzilla firefox

    these 3 combined will give you acces to every thing.

    there are a lot of versions just look a bit for the newest version and try to download it as a pack so tor and vidalia in one it’s the easiest.

    ( excuses if my english grammar isn’t correcy , i’m dutch :P )

    met vriendelijk groet Marvin

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