Windows Vista and WinSAT

Back in the day i started off on computing with so old thing that i cant remember what it was called, before windows, then i got 3.1 and moved upwards and to 95, 98, ME (oh my what a mistake that was) 2000, and XP.

Last summer i tried the leaked first beta or Longhorn (aka Vista) and was not impressed with much, the sidebar was terrible, and the whole thing just seemed like a new skin for XP. The only thing that was good, was the installer which was very quick and simple, the best windows installer yet.

Really no need to pay for the final if thats all its going to be, and then news of delays and features being dropped came along, including WinFS, which was looking tasty, but sadly that wont be around for a while after Vista is released.

The CES came at the start of 2006, and microsoft showed of a new beta with a few features, most of them already present in Mac OSX, but on a “pc” which means they play games well.

And games are what has intruiged me about Vista, yeh it has video thumbnails and see thru windows and “widgets” (called “gadgets” in vista) but that doesnt matter that much, pretty much all of those features could be obtained with extra software.

No, what i like about Vista is WinSAT, Much more details in that link, but basically it monitors and benchmarks your pc on start up every-so-often and has values for certain prformance figures, which can be used to turn on or off visual features, and when games are installed, they will automatically adjust there settings to suit your pc… nice and easy, and should improve game and desktop performance by paging (well kinda) any other enviroments i.e when a game is played the desktop is paged, to give the whole computer to the game for increased performance.

The only issues i see with Vista are the DRM ones, playing my Xvid DVDrips and copied music .AAC files and if you need a new screen with embedded DRM protection. If doing these things becomes too much of a hassle, then i will not change. i will stick with XP pro. £200 or similar for a Restricked product is much to much.

Im not going to start a rant about DRM, but until the music and film industries stop being so greedy and microsoft stop helping them out in there crazy user-hurting ways then i wont be giving any of them any money.

Wiki page about Vista, containing all kinds of useful info


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