Billy Talent

Billy talent are most definatly my favourite band, i’ve bought there album twice now, have their canada only DVD, 2 t-shirts and a hoodie on the way. Their first album is one of the best albums in general i have heard, i like every single track on it, and that is a very rare thing with me.

Hopefully they will be playing in the UK this summer, and i’ll buy there right at the front!

They have a new album out in a couple months and i have a couple demos from it which i recorded from streams (bootlegs if you will), so i thought i’d share them with people. They are both in AAC format, which means you’ll need itunes for similar to play them, im not sure if windows media player will play them, but if anyone knows then leave a comment.
Red flag – 1.60mb
Devil in a Midnight Mass – 3.0mb

In IE i suggest you right click and save as.. (and switch to firefox straight afterwards) 


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