I used to like thursdays

Not any more…

I have 5 hours of lectures, starting in about an hour, and not finishing until 5. I woke up at 2am this morning with a massive head ache, and then again at 9am to get ready for uni, feeling absolutly shattered. But i cant miss a lecture this afternoon because i will lose the bet otherwise, unless i can perswade gary to miss it as well!

And i used to look forward to going to my fav place the quay club on a thursday night, but the DJ as gone downhill majorly and its just not the same anymore.

Lucky this little beauty is coming to save me tomorrow. Shes staying for a long weekend, it will be ablsoultely wonderful, and hopefully give me some of my lost motivation back. Shes got a Flickr and a Myspace too. I love her like nothing before.
I better get ready to go to uni now, im sure gary wont be too hard to perswade an afternoon off (hopefully).
Ugh, the linux crowd… they dont want linux to be successful as a desktop, check the comments on this blog!!

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