It must be contagious!

My blog has been getting a little more popular recently (88 hits yesterday), and i think its rubbed off on a few people i know, both mike and tom have started up wordpress blogs:

MaChernucha: My housemate of 3 years, his is inherently more music and has lots of general news.

Tom3: Laurens School friend, Tom, his is nearly as geeky as mine (i came up with the name for his too)

I some how survived my grueling 5 hours of lectures today, no thanks to gary, who refused to miss a lecture just to spite me!! That means i’ve been to every lecture so far this year, no to shabby. Although i still haven’t found the motivation to carry on with my project work.

Empire at war finally finished downloading so after i’ve finished blogging i might have a go, but im very close to finishing Need for Speed: Most Wanted, im on the last blacklist driver, so i might just play that. My Day of Defeat playing has been awful the past couple days, i blame my lazy mouse on desktop, so im going to give that a rest for a couple days.

I downloaded Spy hard last night and just finished watching it, its still one of my top 5 films of all time, just makes me laugh so much “Get your paws of me, you dirty ape!” hehehe, now im trying to find “The Silence of the Hams” and currently downloading the Naked gun movies.

Lauren gets here at 3pm tomorrow, i cant wait, i just know im going to be up really early making everything just right for her, i want to make her weekend perfect as shes had a hard and stressful couple of weeks, and she needs to take her mind of everything.


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