My lauren got off her train in plymouth, and the start of a wonderful weekend began. Heres a few pics from our trip to voodoo lounge:

Me%20fake%20smoking Me%20and%20Lauren Undead%20Mike Me%20+%20Hair%20clip Perfect%20pair Awwww%20I%20love%20lauren Just%20exclude%20me%20then

Tonight we are going to C103, hopefully Andrew and Jo will join us too. I’ve got lots of things which are blog worthy but not really the time to do them, once i get a free hour i’ll jump too it, goes without saying that the link “revelation” that was sposedly gonig to happen yesterday was nothing but a big let down. All it is, is some guy whos going to advise his fav linux distro over a radio station in austin, texas.

I would love to help out bringing linux to the mainstream, and which switch all my friends and family very easily, but as yet there is not one distro that is good enough for me to comfortably use, let alone suggest to my less computer literal family!

Things to come in the next few days… Flock 0.5+, Invisibilia, a bittorrent auction, futurama news, a linux rant, Fat burger, Empire at war, NeroVision and many more pics of my beautiful, stunning girly.


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