Kissy%20kissy Awww%20the%20happy%20couple Shuuush Thinking%20Avec%20Beer Rockin%27%20out%20to%20Rise%20Against YEEEEH The%20%27Guys%27

Yesterday was great fun, me and lauren went to an open day at the art collage, went shopping in town and after a number of my home made slush puppies, when to c103 with Mike, Andrew and Jo. We took lots of photos, some are above, there are lots more on my flickr, and Andrew has more on his camera too, which i should upload tomorrow.

Incidentaly, I’m going to buy a pro account for Flickr, as i now have more than 200 photos, you can only seen the 200 most recent ones on my photostream, its only £14 a year, and i can then upload 100 times more photos a month as well, i think its well worth it.

I heard today that the smashing pumpkins have reformed, which is great news for the world of music, can’t wait to here some new material from them.

Heres a video on google of a fireworks factory on fire, as you can guess that many fireworks going off at once makes quite a show, see it here.

Still not really much time to blog, i only have lauren here for a couple more days so i want to spend all my time in her arms, but dont worry i’ve got a long list of cool links, big news and useful info coming later in the week.


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