My View On Blogging

I love my blog, this year i have really got into it, been posting a few things a day.

Photos, links, pictures, news, thoughts, advice/tips, all the kinds of things that blogs are ment for. And i read lots of other blogs too, regualr ones and just random blogs i come across, i find out all kinds of other interesting things and i try and comment the ones that i feel i have something to say about, but something has been bugging me about the majority of blogs, and that is a complete lack of content.

I see so many blogs that are basically jsut mirrors of other peoples work or creations, other peoples pictures and photos, software and code. I did a link dump today, but it wasnt jsut a load of links, there were comments and things written about each of those links, and i feel sometimes that reading other peoples blogs , your not actually reading “their blog” at all, jsut a collection of links and copied articles.

I doubt i will get flamed for this (hardly anyone reads this anyways), but jsut incase.. I feel strongly that i do and should try and avoid doing this with my blog. I put a lot of effort into it each day, i try and post things that are useful, that i have search long and hard for on the internet (audigy 2 pin-out for example) or my own photography, be it from drunken nights, or lomography or just pictures of things i like, it is my own content, i am adding to the web, not just taking, and not just mirroring or linking.

I see things and think, that would look good on my blog, or people might find that useful if i put that here (i have quite a few hits from google searches on just the things i have been looking for, so why not help them out), and some things i save for blogging later only to look at them again and think… no its not quite right for blogging, or i’ve seen it around the web quite a bit recently.
Sure i do links, but not to the most obvious, popular, everyone-else-has-blogged-it-too things, or the latest story on Digg, i link to useful things, or interesting stuff.

I love hearing other peoples opinions, views, experiences of software or websites or games, if you just dump a post full of links that come from popular sites, whats the point, what are you adding, nothing.

I cant do anything about this tho, it would seem that this is the way that blogging is, its not really that creative or thoughtful, because being creative and thoughtful and opinionated needs effort, and time, and people dont have that.

But what i can do is make sure from now on, i will try my hardest to be more creative, add more opinions and thoughts, and help or inspire my fellow readers/bloggers to do the same.


3 thoughts on “My View On Blogging”

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  2. I agree… I write on two blogs, and while I do use some links, I usually use them to setup further discussion. I’ve seen a lot of blogs that just copy links and articles, and I want to add something to the Internet. I believe I have something to add, even if not everyone will enjoy it all.

    BTW, I enjoyed several of your articles…

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