Digg was a (slight) Success

I hada pretty slow day yesterday, dropped Lauren off at the train station, when home and sat infront of the pc for pretty much the whole afternoon, blogging and playing games.

I got very annoyed with Need For Speed Most Wanted, it is just stupidly difficult towards the end, trying to lose level 5 heat is nearly impossible after a required 13 min chase, i do hate when games get that difficult that you think, maybe i’ll cheat to do it, and its not like i only tried once either, i must have tried to get this last milestone 15-20 times, its just stupidly hard and badley designed. I did like the game, but its made me see it differently now, and i just think of it as another one of EAs crappy sequels, i’ll continue to steer clear of them.

I also did about 10 posts on my blog, one of which a minor rant which i was quite proud of, about how many many people dont add new or orgianol content to their blog, they jsut copy and paste, or link to other peoples thoughts, ideas and opinions. And i submitted it to Digg.com, in the hope of getting a few more hits and a putting my blog out into the world, well it worked.

Yesterday i got 102 hits, my second highest since the start of my blog 2 months ago, and i have so far had 9 Diggs and 3 comments on my story, one comment made me laugh “Can’t wait to copy this to my blog”, one from tom made me smile and one from some guy “Who cares what you think? Stop posting stupid rants. Although this message is somewhat ironic.” I had a look at his blog/webpage and it was exactly the kind of thing i was talking about, jsut links to other pages, no opinions or added value at all! Kinda proved my point.

If you like you can help me out.. and Give me a Digg

I only have a couple lectures today, so i’m gunna draw up some flow charts and fill out my log book a bit more.. I’ve been thinking releasing Visual Assembly as a program to the general public via the internet, but i’m not sure, it seems that no software released these days can be without flaming from many people on the internet, and mine will certainly not be the best most polished release ever and not appeal to a large group of people, i can see it and me getting flamed quite a bit, but we’ll see closer to the time.


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