Wednesday nights arn’t what they used to be..

Im glad i’ve started on my project again, its a bit of a boost, but otherwise everything seems a bit.. “meh” to me at the moment. Laurens gone home and i wont be seeing her for 3 weeks which is making me feel a little alone, and my house is driving me crazy!

But uni is good, and thats whats important until i finish my exams, as long as i keep up my project and module work, and stay motivated i’ll be fine, then i can do something about the other things that are holding me back.

I’m not going to go into a rant, i’ve been doing that a little too often over the past few days, but not only is the ouse itself driving me crazy, but a few people in it. They seem… to put it lightly “have a rod up their ass”… meaning they act like the other 4 people that i live with dont exist, like the 2 are living on their own.

Its really quite upsetting, because they never used to be like this, either i/we have done something to upset them, or they have “changed”, but i dont think people can change who they are, so it makes me think that the people as i knew them before were acts that they put on so that they could move in with us this year.

I really dont want it to be like this, i’ve had the past 2 years being uncomfortable after xmas, because of falling out with housemates, but it jsut feels like it’s going back into that rut again, and this time its completly out of my hands.

I cant see it getting any better, i feel like its impossible to talk to them. I dont know what to do and its stressing me out. This year is my most important and i dont need or want any stress at all.

I look back nearly every day and think (sometimes wish)that i should have just moved in with the 2 guys that have been there for me the whole time, and not had these outsiders cause me all this greif.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday nights arn’t what they used to be..”

  1. Roommates, yow, that brings back some really bad memories and makes me very glad that I have not had to deal with that issue in a long time. Which I had some advice but I never had any long term luck with roommates either so I guess I can only say bear it as long as you can and then move on. At least we are here to hear your rants and at least commiserate with you…

    :evil: roommates

  2. Cheers, i get the impression that unless you have lived with and enjoyed living with your housemates before, your asking for trouble!

    I’ll survive for another couple months, even if it means moaning and ranting on my blog to let off some steam!

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