DoD – Kalt

i’ve just been playing on the new map released today for Day of Defeat Source, and it Rocks!

Definatly the best map yet, its a mirror design so both Allied and Axis sides or the map are the same layout with small differences, to keep the game play even, and there are so many routes and passages which you can sneak along to get to the flags, lots of little nooks to hide in and windows to snipe or mg from.

Its also one of the biggest maps i believe, playing on a 32 person server this morning was great as there was a few people on each route, and with good team work a win can be very fast.

No screenshots as of yet, because i have filled up my flickr for the month, but it will be reset in a few days and i’ll post some shots.

They also sorted out the getting stuck to things bug, which wasa bit annoying, not as bad as the “stuck to person” bug tho! Both are now sorted and DoD is working great.

That brings the offical map count up to 6, Day of Defeat is shaping up nicely for its retail release soon.


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