What a difference a day makes

Its quite amazing how much better i feel after having a day off, i found out some great news (Billy Talent), found the perfect book for my project, and Redesigned UPDC to the extreme, although its not finished yet.

I also found a couple of great sites related to flickr which can create and edit photos in very stylish and professional ways.. for free!! I feel much more motivated this evening, and i feel like tomorrow i’m going to get lots done.

I’ve got loads of things to blog, but i cant really do a lot of them because i want to put pictures in them and my flickr account has reached its limit for the month, still tempting to buy a pro account, especially with my new found interest in photoshop. Im putting Visual Assembly on hold for a few days until my GDI book arrives, so i might design/re-do the site for it, in the same kind of style as updc, but a bit more professional looking. See how it goes i guess.

I feel kinda guilty not posting any links to cool things, so here is a rather addictive house buying and selling game (Flash 7 required).

And here is a google video of some robot dancing, very cool, but as a Robotic Engineer i find the dancing stlye somewhat unrobotic as they are such fluid movements, i wish robots moved like that!!


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