Messing with Flickr

At lunchtime today when i bought my flickr Pro account, i uploaded this picture:

And put a number of tags on it, tags that i wouldnt normally put on a picture. Now 12 hours later and it’s had 310, no make that 311 views!! I did this to see what kind of response i get, i’ve tagged lots of my photos before and never really got many views on pictures other than a few of lauren and one of my great finds Catsup one:

All of the top viewed photos on my flickr have one thing in common…. one tag… BOOBIES!! Yep, which implies that majority of flickr viewers and looking for porn!!

And they are all lurkers, not one added it as a favourite or comment!

I have to be honest and say that i dont exactly use flickr as its intended, mainly general picture hosting for my blog, although i do upload photographs too. But that is quite amazing how many times more views that pic got over say, a photo of my ipod nano, 100 views over 2 months.

I may test this theory more in future. Just get some sexy pics and upload them to a few different accounts and see what happens.

One last check of views…318!!! Thats gone up 21 since i started writing this!! Amazing

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