Ignoring useless info


This article jumped right out at me when i was browsing digg just a minute ago, its about how and experiment is showing that smarter people often filter out lots of information and save jsut the important bits in their memory, rather than just having bigger brains, they are more efficient at storing information.

Now i’m not claiming to be smart, i am quite good at maths and uni work, and have a resonably high IQ, what made me so interested in this article is something that i have especially noticed for the past few years, and that is when i have a phone conversation, sometimes even a normal conversation, once it finishes i can never remember much that was said, even hour long phone calls always seem to me like they have never happened. Except that if there is an important outcome, or i was told something which i must remember during the call, then i can remember that.

Example: Mum phones up to tell me to find out a train time for her on the internet, but also asks me how uni is, and how lauren is and all kinds of other things abotu home and family. A few seconds after the phone call, i dont remember any of it, jsut that i have to find out a train time for her.

It always confused me slighty, i just thought that normally phone calls are kind pointless jatter and there was no point in remembering them, but maybe it was my brain filtering out the jatter and remembering the important bits of the information.

Interesting, maybe i r smart…

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