Its the weekend already?

I feel kinda guilty for not doing a huge amount of work this week, and taking thursday off ment that i only went into uni for 2 days, and now its saturday and i have another 2 days off!! So i’ve been taking lots of photos and working on website designs, im really getting the hang of photoshop and dreamweaver, after having both of them for a few years and never really using them. Check them out on my Flickr
Been doing a lot of fake double exposure and ghost shots using photoshop, and they are all on flicr thanks to my pro account and 2Gb a month upload, i’m getting back into photography a bit now and web programming too.

I wont be going to see billy talent in april as the tickets for give it a name have sold out, i was bothered at first, but now i’m not so upset, it will save a at least £100, and its not like they wont come to england again, when more people will come with me to see them.

Dads birthday in a weeks time, and i have no idea what to get him, he’s 51, i think, and a big car fan, but im not made of money at the moment and its difficult to think of something original, and how can i top last years track day?

The picture i posted about yesterday is still going strong at 632 views after 24 hours!! by tomorrow it will be my most viewed picture, i just wonder how much it can continue to rise before it levels off.

Yesterday i got my bargin of the month: 282gb of storage for £18.97, in the form of 50 DVD-R and 10 DVD-RW from sainsburys, i’ve never seen dvds that cheap on the net before delivery costs, so i snapped up as much as i could afford, wont need to by any for a while now, and i can backup all my simpsons (37Gb) nice and cheaply too.

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