Slow day

I havnt really done much of anything since my last post, jsut kinda loafed, but here is a preview image of updc that i took to try and show it off a bit, im quite proud of it really, makes me want to do more, maybe use that as an entry page into more useful and interesting content.
And after looking thru my photos i took earlier a bit more, i think i like this one the best:
Its to pictures with the camera in exactly the same place, and mike in two different places, and then i one down the middle and pasted it ontop of the other, being sure to get them perfectly lined up. Another bit of “art” (if you can call it that) that im very proud of.
Lauren told me earlier that she is getting her hair dyed/bleach, or part of it at least, im not going to pass judgement on it, until i have seen it, but i am a little worried, especially as her friend is doing it, and it wouldnt suprise me if it went wrong! Still hopefully i’ll have some nice pics of her tomorrow to post.
P.S. The photo is now up to 717 views!!!

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