I’ve gone off Vodka!

I think i have put myself off vodka for ever, saturday night i drank only vodka, and i hardly remember a thing, all i know is that i have had the most painful hangover for the last 36 hours and im only just getting over it. I dont want to dwell on it because it only makes me feel sick again, but i certainly wont be getting that drunk again for a while.

Jolt cola, im currently trying to perswade myself to get some of this, its pretty expensive and has to be shipped from america, but it just seems like the perfect drink to me, nealry twice the caffine of normal cola, and comes in a huge can shapped like a battery, just the thing i need tokeep my day of defeat skills sharp.

Tom3 first introduced me to eboys work and it is just amazing, i would love to get a city scape poster for my wall but at £20 a pop, i’ll have to wait until i get a job. It most take weeks and weeks to create these things, its very impressive, lots more on his website.

And the beer.com pic… at 1066 views!!!

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