Yesterday i signed up to technorati, its a tagging website which searches bloggs and other user-controlled websites like flickr and del.icio.us.

I’ve come to the conclusion that sites and pictures and posts that are well tagged get more hits than ones with no tags, this became evident with the beer.com picture, which i put about 15 popular tags on and as a result has had 1103 views in the past three days, compared to most of my pictures which i dont bother tagging.

I guess it is because it allows for easier searching through sites such as flickr and helps people find similar things as long as content is correctly tagged.

Technorati blog directory

I still think that better and more content will give great hits and readers in the long term but at the moment i’m rather busy with uni work and i dont have the time to write all that i would like.

So from now on i ‘ll be posting a few technorati tags at the bottom of each post to try and improve the popularity and views of my blogs, as well as tagging more of my flickr photos.

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