The Digg Effect

Yesterday i posted a useful tip on how to view peoples comments on myspace that arn’t visable on there profile because they are hidden by that user using html and css. I did this for a friend who isn’t particually tech-savy, so she could find out what people had been saying about someone.

Its not a hack, the information is there and readily available to read just that the link is not so the address has to be typed in, all i did was inform people of that address.

After a few other people told me they found this useful i though i would upload it to to make this information useful to others.

At time of writing my post has had 628 diggs, it made it onto the front page of sometime this morning before i woke up. By 9am the digg effect had set in.

As the graph shows the hits just kept coming! at last count they are at 11665 today, it makes all my other days hits look none existant!

And my post has made it onto the “Top Posts from around” and my blogis number 2 on the “Top WordPress Blogs today“, and number 3 on the “Fastest Growing Blogs“.

My personal website has seen 60 people that it doesnt usually as well.

I got a few flames and harsh comments, but nothing unexpected, this is the internet after all!

Looking at where the hits have came from it has also made it to the del.ici.ous popular page and the Diggdot frontpage (although i had never heard of it before today).
The story has now moved onto the second page of, so i think the hit rate will drop, have to see how it goes tomorrow.

Thank you stacey for giving me the idea to post that blog :)

In other news my girly lauren has just started her first blog today on blogger.

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3 thoughts on “The Digg Effect”

  1. Thank you so much for the codes you posted. I am able to monitor my teens “private” comments section. However, neither of the codes for blogs or friends lists work! I still simply receive the same msg. that this profile is set to private, blah, blah. I also tried with the ref. setting in Mozilla and again, I can access the comments only. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there a way to “approve” myself as a friend without alerting my teen?

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