15 mins of fame..

Now that myspace post is lost in the depths of Digg.com, i dont expect my blog to keep up the amount of hits it got yesterday.

The final count for hits yesterday was 14796 and 808 diggs, the post has been blogged in many places including myspacehacks, primehacks, populicio.us and hackerslife, and i hear from friends on my blogroll that they all saw an increase of traffic as well, it certainly was the digg effect, but now it looks like this:

Nearly all of the comments i got yesterday were negative, which didnt suprise me, but crisising me for my spelling is quite low really, i not the worlds best speller, and the only thing i can suggest is maybe some kind of spell check added to wordpress (woh are a great blog host btw).

Atariboy remains the top blog on wordpress and the fastest growing blog, so i’ve been getting a lot of hits from the dashboard, currently on 1062.

I’ll have to see how many posts i can squeeze out before i disappear into obscurity again!

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