Times up!

Its the 16th minute and my fame is gone, i’ve fallen off the front page pretty much, yesterday i got 2000 hits and so far today 500, but i always knew that it wouldnt survive at the top. Till next time i post something useful i guess.

My Billy Talent hoodie finally arrived after nealr 4 weeks of waiting:

I do love it, gunna wear it out drinking tonight, although i’m laying off the booze after my monster hangover last weekend, and im in need of some money.

I finished the design to be engraved on my dads pint glass for his birthday:

Its going to cost £30 including the glass, but i think it should look great :)

Laurens changed her blog to wordpress after beening called a n00b by Tom!!
The link is in my blog roll >>

I started on a new project yesterday, but after getting a littleway into in i relaised that i will need to put quite a bit of effort into it and that i should really be concentrating on my final year project, so over the weekend its going to be full steam ahead to try and catch up and get my motivation back a bit, i couldnt force myself to go into my only lecture today because its soo damn boring and the notes will be on the portal tomorrow, i’m really not in the mood for getting more bored than i am.

I also regained my Day of Defeat skill i thought i had lost, it seems to come and go and can sometimes drive me insane that i just cant kill anyone.

I’m enjoying Rise againsts music at the moment, especially the older albums.

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One thought on “Times up!”

  1. It actually sounds like you’re having quite in interesting time :P As you say it, it all doesn’t sound so boring at all.
    And good luck with your final year project!

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