3 day weekend

I start yet another 3 day weekend today, but this time i plan to actually do something productive, some programming and some blogging.

I haven’t really posted much the past few days, i’ve been crazily unmotivated, findng it hard to do anything much at all, but i’ve woke up feeling better, I’ll get some caffine in me and i’ll be off like a rocket!!

I put a music CD that i was lent in my dvd-rw drive yesterday night, and it didnt come up in iTunes, which was weird, so i looked at “my computer” and both drives were missing, only the virtual drive was there.So i when to open the drive to see if i put the cd in it, and it wouldnt open, neither would the other one. Very strange.

One restart later and the other DVD-rom drive is working, but i still cant get the other one working.

Just got my room tidy too so i’m going to leave it a while and see if it sorts it self out… I think i may have be affected my the dreaded Root kit!

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