Back on the Blog

Feeling much more motivated now, and with currently only 3 pieces of coursework which arnt in for a few weeks, pretty relaxed too.

Mike showed me this article on the BBC website about professional gaming, and it got me thinking, if i practise more often then maybe i could take it up, it would certainly be interesting. But i’m not just going to drop everything for it, at the moment my course is the important thing, but i have enough time to actively practise gaming, so i will try and play maybe 3 hours of day of defeat/counterstike a day and see how/if i improve.

Talking of geeky things, i discovered this very geeky blog called Forever Geek, its got loads of cool stuff on it, although quite a lot is just news i see on

I’ve written quite a lot today, getting back into my blog nicely, which is now 2 months old, i have done 107 posts in it and had about 75 comments, its coming alone nicely, i havnt stuck with something for this long before. Had 800 hits yesterday and over 450 today too.
I noticed on Technorati that my blog is ranked 186,262 out of all the millions that there are i think this is pretty impressive, just need to build on it with more useful posts like the myspace tip.

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