Linky Linky

Daily Time Waster – Loads of funny little flash games, some of the zomibe ones are great fun!

Save Da Day – Some americans want the day after the super bowl to be a national holiday, jsut makes me laugh really.

Hacking Coke vending Machines – Heres a little video of how to get into the menu of a coke machine, and here is a link to things you can do once you are in the vending machine ;) – Lots more cool little tricks and hacks here, hours of fun if you dont get caught!

Forum Bingo – this page generates a bingo card, and you check of all the things you see in a forum until you win!

Tom3 – Toms website is coming along quite nicely, its more of a portal to his other sites at the moment, a lot like updc, but it looks cool.

Google Analytics – Google have set up their own webpage hits and stats service, its free but there is quite a que at the moment, once i get an invite i’ll do a mini review of it.

Loftcube – I could so easily live in one of these, if i ever get the chance to rent a roof top!

I’ve also added zhooibaal’s blog to my blog roll, its a very good read, some cool things about Classic games and a rather interesting post about the current browser wars.

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