I just got an invite to CoComment, i think its going to be very useful, especially on some of the more popular posts, i think i have some invites, but i cant find them at the moment, maybe the disabled them.

When i find them again, or if anyone else knows where they are let me know and i’ll give them out!

So for now heres a screenshot:



11 thoughts on “CoComment”

  1. After i commented on you blog it turned up on that page too, i dont know if its still there tho, i’ll just go check!

    Yep on the third line at the mo!

    I’m trying to comment more and see if i cant make a bit more of a show of myself on the front page!

  2. After posting that last one i’m on the top 10!!!

    Its really useful too, kinda makes me post more comments, hopefully will make more people comment blogs, which is all bloggers really want anyway i think.

    Only thing that could be improved is that you have to remember to hit the bookmarklet before you press submit. If you forget then you cant easily go back and add it.

  3. Thats a great idea, i’ve never used greasemonkey, and after that rather large exploit in one verison it jsut kinda put me off, but i’m definatly going to look into that tomorrow, thanks for your digg on the IT crowd, its on the front page now!

  4. My pleasure, anytime you have something like that feel free to ask and I will work on it! Greasemonkey did get pulled from firefox during that exploit but I have since put it back on and have not heard anymore issues with it.

  5. I finally got my hands on a invite code last night, and I am slowly trying to get into the top 10… It might happen… someday.
    Hmmm, how do you use the GreaseMonkey script…..? And is there a Safari version?

  6. ok…. well it is relatively easy to use…. but that is using firefox. I prefer Safari, so I will just have to wait until someone develops a Safari version…. which won’t be that far off I hope. I will just use firefox temporarily, always forget to click the bookmarklet in Safari *groan*

  7. Hey,
    I just signed up for cocomment after finding it here. I hope its as good as it looks.
    At risk of using to many “In” phrases it could be the Web2.0 Killer App!

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