That Atariboy gets Everywhere!

I made it onto the top10 on Cocomment!!!

There is definatly quite a stir about this site, its going to be big, the simplest ideas usually seem to work the best, and this one is pretty simple and something i felt the need for the past few weeks.

Its currently still in beta and the invites are hard to come by, i got one off a fellow blogger, i think the best place to get hold of one is on the popular Scroblizer blog.

All you do is after you have finished writing your comment, press the cocomment bookmarklet, then hit the normal submit button and the comment/conversation will appear on Cocomments “Your conversations” page when you log in.

Being able to check and even be notified about responses to your comments on any blog, run on any of the six major blog bases (Blogger, MSN Spaces, MySpace, TypePad, WordPress and Xanga) all from one place is a bloggers dream, it means no more diving through your history to find that obscurely named blog that you were waiting for a comment from.

With Cocomment you can check on an rss feed or just go to the site and see all of the blogs you have commented on, if any have new responses they are bold, and then you can view the response from the cocomment site as well. The only step you have to take away from the “your conversations” page is to reply, and i can see that built-in replying cant be too far away either.

It could become like a blog viewing hub, there are a lot of possiblities for this idea, i hope they get it right, because if they do it could be huge!

There is also a greasemonkey script available here for automatically hitting the bookmarklet for you (thanks Ryan)

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65 thoughts on “That Atariboy gets Everywhere!”

  1. Wow thanks laurent, glad you found the feedback useful

    oh and thanks for the digg, hopefully it will get on the frontpage andthen a lot more people will hear about it!

    I still keep forgetting to hit the bookmarklet tho, i’ll put the greasemonkey script on it in a bit.

  2. i can definitely see the use of something like this. i personally probably wouldn’t though … most of my comments are one shots, then i’m gone. like this.


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  4. great concept. clean converation tracking is the single biggest missing “feature” of blogging. However, I hope they implement something better than the bookmarklet. That seems like an ugly usability problem. A wordpress/MT/etc. plugin would be a nice solution instead.

  5. A rush of traffic/users from isn’t nessecaraly a good thing. Too much traffic can put too much pressure on the developers. The forums, with all those bugs, exploded overnight right in front of my eyes.

  6. Drhaisook – you don’t need to click anything. install the script, restart Firefox, and return here. You should see your coComment name automatically appear by the submit button.

  7. I agree with Andrei. Too much popularity too soon for a service which wasn’t really supposed to go live yet is not necessarily good. I see more and more negative comments all over the place about how it’s not up to speed yet, lacks this or that essential feature, etc… What do you expect of a product which is (was?) supposed to be in “closed beta”, ie tested by a limited amount of people?

    Tolerance and patience, people. CoComment isn’t something you want to kill by telling it “it’s now or never, if you don’t work perfectly right now you really suck”.

  8. I am playing with coComment tonight (took me a couple of days to make time).

    I am interested to see if it will track comments from non-cocomment users too. I could see this being possible for systems like wordpress that publish comment feeds.

  9. Quite possibly, i havnt been able to cocomment my own blog for about a week now, something is a little weird with them, hope they sort out the problems soon

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