The Sabeth

Another lazy sunday, which so far has been quite productive. I’ll get some links out of the way first:

.Net programmers in High demand – This is great news for me, as its what i’m programming my final year project in.

Defeat Source – A new Day of Defeat website has opened up, looking very nice, although i prefer the uncluttered style of DoD Network – Loads and loads of old games to download here, the whole site is a a haven for the older geek! I’ve been playing Super mario Bros loads.

Samy is my hero – This page details how samy created a worm on myspace, great hacking and a very interesting read, got my brain ticking to be sure ;)

And i found another hack/exploit for myspace, but i’m going to do that in a seperate post later, its not as good as the hidden comments one, but its quite suprising and easy, although not too useful, more of a strange thing.

I also found some higher quality torrents of the IT crowd and updated the post, which has become quite popular (50 hits yesterday and 70 so far today)

Last night after playing DoD as a sniper for hours i decided to watch ‘Enemy at the Gates’, a sniper film. Its really good, the sets are amazing and the whole film jsut had that feeling of Day of defeat/Call of duty which has kinda made me want to play thru ‘Call of Duty’ again, i’m also downloading another sniper film called “Sniper” and Saving private ryan as i haven’t seen that yet either.

I’ve also put a couple more pics of my ipod on flickr, and my current background i found on deviantart.

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