17000 and counting

My Cocomment blog post just made it onto the front page of digg, and the hits are rolling in.

Unfortunatly all those views arnt going to help fix my student house. At the moment we have a lot of problems with it and the landlord/lady are not very quick to fix any of them…. To list a few:

No hot water from the boiler, broken shower (the only source of hot water is the kettle!), my light bulb socket doesnt work (very little light in my room), no door bell, broken microwave and a missing fire alarm as well.  Hopefully the shower will be fixed within a couple days at least!

I was sent a very useful link from tescos today, 12 red roses £15.97 delievered, perfect for valentines day and at a good price as well, most places i saw wanted at least £40 for this kind of thing.

I’ve added a new blog to my blogroll aswell – Red Room, a very interesting read.

And here is a video of the famous Kill bill fight scene with Go-Go, but dumbed with sounds from Super Mario!


8 thoughts on “17000 and counting”

  1. Since us in america can’t watch the I.T. Crowd, (“We’re sorry, but users outside the UK cannot access The IT Crowd.”), will you be posting a link to episode 3 soon?

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