Digg re-effect

The digg effect is doing its magic again, i just noticed i’m #2 on wordpress’s top blogs and the IT crowd is the number one post on wordpress again. I’ve had 335 diggs and 4216 views in the past 3 hours.
I’m running on pretty much just caffine now as its 2:40am here in the UK.

And if anyone can get me an invite/account with read.io that would be great, although still in the works, it will take your blogs and convert them into spoken word podcasts, pretty groovy.

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15 thoughts on “Digg re-effect”

  1. I noticed a slow down as well, just recently its been taking quite a bit longer to post blogs as well, this might jsut be me tho.

    I’ve now run out of the basic elements of food like bread and milk, i think i better go to sleep soon or i wont keep going tomoro!

  2. Hey there mate, just wondering. How do you get them technorati tags on the bottom of your posts? I’ve just started up a blog and wanting to get more hits. Cheers.


  3. Amazing Mate… Your posts always get the coolest diggs… Rock on pal!

    Your number 1 again on WP and the post is too!

    #But i have had 10781 hits today tho!#
    You lucky duke!! Keep it up and better not post all your articles on digg, people might get a bad impression of you. Post only the best.

  4. My campus has a few T1 line…
    I just did a test.
    2006-02-06 11:38:25 EST: 19080 / 7277
    Your download speed : 19080 kbps or 2385.1 KB/sec.
    Your upload speed : 7277 kbps or 909.7 KB/sec.

  5. Hey Atariboy,

    Could you do a post on how you get the technorati tags on the bottom of your post. Would really appreciate it.


  6. Hey, I don’t suppose you can get a torrent for Episode 3 of The IT Crowd going? Channel4.com seems to be having problems–“file not found.”

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