Yesday was pretty crazy, by the end of the day i had 28000 hits, and overall 240 comments, 50 of which were done with cocomment. My blog was pretty popular, i think mainly because i got 2 stories on the front page of digg.

Woke up much to early and my eyes are all blurry.. i’m going to finish writing this after a nice big mug of tea.. brb..

ahhh thats better.

Anyways i’ve got the new theme wordpress installed yesterday, its a shame that its not customisble. I’d love to at least be able to change the colour scheme so that my blog looks a bit different to the thousands of other people around wordpress using the same theme.
*edit: i didnt notice the option to change the colour, thanks stephan! 

I’ve heard a lot of people saying the the third episode of the IT Crowd has been released, and there is a link on the website, but i am sure that there is no file on the website and this was just a mistake, episodes are released every friday, if anyone does have a copy of this episode please let me know and i can set up a torrent and/or mirror.

And reading on Ryan’s blog, which has become pretty popular too (and has the same theme as me!), i was looking at the google talk and gmail intergration, and wondering why i dont have it, and for that matter why i dont have a delete button on my gmail account either, anyone got any ideas?

Last night rather than sitting watching my hit count again, i actually got on with some programming, mainly GDI+ in C#, trying to make a small program where i can drag a square around the form, but no luck yet. If anyone has any useful info on draging bitmaps and items around the form in C# please drop me an email andrewnez[at]

I’ve got a pretty busy afternoon today, a 3 hour electric motor lab and then a lecture on the past 45 years of computing which should be pretty interesting.

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11 thoughts on “Aftermath”

  1. The theme is somewhat customizable. You can choose between several different colors for the header and pages can be either 2-column or 3-column. But I hope for a version 2.0 of the theme, which would allow custom link colors as well. Shouldn’t be hard to do! But it is still the best looking theme on so far and also the only with three columns that i have seen.

  2. 28,000 now, I know why I’m so jealous of you and my highest was 297 yesterday. (Check out my blog for this)..

    As for the Google integration, Google is putting it up in all their accounts soon and you’ll get it only if your language is US English.

    The layout is really decent but the fact is that the middle menu is too narrow.

  3. That’s a lot of views. Thanks for the props man. My post about SuprGlu got like 4 diggs, :(. I have one guess about your gmail. Your language is English (UK) not (US). That sometimes is what happens, it’s in US English first…

  4. Chrono I know it didn’t get fully released yet. But sometimes Gmail does do weird things if you switch from one language to US English it gets the deature. Since Atari lives in the UK I assumed he has it on UK English…

    Atari- Thanks, and you didn’t leave a comment in my blog :( lol.

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  6. there is no obvious delete button on googleMail (gmail) accounts but you can delete them, first of all. Put them in the delete folder and then you can press the button delete forever. or you can wait 30 days and it will automatically be deleted!

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