Day of Defeat Free Weekend

This coming weekend, valve are letting anyone try out Day of Defeat for free for the whole weekend!

Basically you can download steam and then preload  Day of Defeat this week, and when friday comes it will be unlocked for the whole weekend, allowing anyone to play for free. And come sunday i would imagine that the game will be locked and you will be given the option to buy the game, possibly at a reduced price, i think it is currently priced at $20, which is about £11.

If anyone does decide to try it out, let me know and i’d more more than happy to play with you and show you the ropes and tricks of DoD.

More details here


9 thoughts on “Day of Defeat Free Weekend”

  1. I’m downloading it now, if I remember and have time I will fire it up this weekend ;) Cool site. Ever play Planetside? I’m on that damn game again, but what can I say – it’s probably my favorite of all time.

  2. I never played planetside, i didnt have an internet connection when it was released, but i read lots about it, the whole concept sounds really good, if you have a good squad behind you it would rock, I’m a big fan of team games like DoD.

  3. I wish they would make Battlefield Vietnam and turn it into an MMO game. That would seriously rock. DoD looks interesting though, and I have it completely downloaded so I might give it a shot this weekend.

  4. I have dl it but unable to play and cant understand why, im in the uk so would this be the reason, although after i dl it i had a countdown clock saying once clock reached 00.00.00 I can play dod, the clock has reach 00.00.00 and i still cant join any servers :$ I can click onto list of servers but when I try to join one nothing happens. 8-(. has anyone else had same probs?

  5. I played earlier, and I liked it =) Has a kind of realismthat’s nice. The sound of distant gunfire sounds really cool. Although, I think the WWII games have been seriously over-done. :(

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