Photo blogging

We currently have a guy fixing our shower, i’ve never heard so much f’in and blind’in from a tradesman before!

Ah my beloved Kettle, bringer of tea and hot water on those cold wintery mornings.

And this is my new favourite bread: “Hovis Invisible Crust”, its like bread with the crusts already cut off, bacon sandwiches have never tasted so good!

My current background from Supermario Bros, i’ve noticed the music around a lot recently, and i love the game, i’ve also got another version of this but a green 1-up mushroom.

This is a screenshot of the new player model coming to Counterstrike: Source this week, although im more of a Day of Defeat player, this still looks damn cool.

And one last pic of my ipod nano, its such a little poser!


One thought on “Photo blogging”

  1. Hey love the site, just found it by chance and was highly amused by the ‘invisible crust’ and the mario stuff. Where have you heard the theme being played recently? Oh and have you heard any Phil Collins lately? If you get a chance to check out my site you will know what I mean, theres a hotline for stuff like this.

    Hope wordpress treats you well, hit me back if you can.

    Atari respect.


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