Pistol Mouse

Now this is an interesting mouse, designed for First person games like Quake, Halflife and Counterstrike, i wouldnt mind trying it out, but i dont know if it would challenge my superb gaming mouse, the logitech G5. Although it is only $20 at the moment, making it a lot cheaper than the G5, and it has gotten a lot of good reivews.

More info here

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3 thoughts on “Pistol Mouse”

  1. This thing’s been around for a while. If I remember right, it was shown back on Joystiq a while back. Honestly, I wouldn’t switch from what works as far as mice go. Instead of moving around a small, hand-contoured plastic mouse, you’d have to move around this bulky, gun-shaped monstrosity. Add to the fact that you have to leave the thing on the table, and I’m guessing that you get a pretty odd way to control the mouse. If you do end up getting one, lemme know how it works out =)

  2. This would be a definte buy if I’d find it somewhere in a bargain bin :P
    And then it’ll probably end up in a drawer somewhere when it’s used a few times I’m afraid.

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